Sunday, February 17, 2013


During flu season it's extra important to eat as healthy as you can. You know what they say about an apple a day, right? Anyway, here's a nice collection to remind you of that.

And if you do get sick, at least you can lie on this lovely pillow.

These earrings are so cute! They'd look amazing with a vintage floral dress.

Perhaps a bit Christmassy, but a lovely stamp set nevertheless.

Honestly, I always think baby booties are cute. But these take the cake! Or in this case apple pie perhaps.

This brooch would probably look amazing on everything, but somehow I picture it pinned to a satchel.

If you need something to make your chores easier, you might want to consider these dish washing sponges.

This deco tape is so pretty! It looks great like this, but you could also cut it up per fruit.

When licking these envelopes, you'll taste the fruit pictured on the edge. Nice idea, right?

And to end with something that's actually food-related: a lovely multi-tiered bento box.


  1. I adore that apple brooch!

  2. So adorable!!! I love apples. The baby booties are too cute.

  3. I will be adding those sponges to my wish list!

  4. Oh! It's all so lovely! I really like those baby booties with the little pips on the top. All I need now is a reason to buy them. ;) xx

  5. aww some super cute stuff in there, I just love the earrings!
    You should come check out my earring giveaway :)

  6. Love the pillow and the earrings :) x


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