Monday, February 18, 2013

Circle Songs #27

"When it comes to letting go, let the quicksand flow..."
Days That Are Over - Sondre Lerche
{picture sources: 1 - 2 - 3}

Somehow I always expect Spring to come sooner. Each February I tend to think it's almost March, and in my book March equals Spring. Usually it only gets warm in April or even May though. Anyway, I'm done with Winter. Ready for Spring -and life- to begin again.


  1. Thank you!! I'm always discovering great music with your circle songs posts. We have a very similar taste in music :)

  2. I like winter. But I have to admit I am looking forward to spring.

  3. I hate winter. And I don't think its usually the least bit warm here til may, but we have our random weather, so you never know. Last week it was in the 60's and the next morning it snowed.

  4. I agree! Roll on Spring ... I need to feel some warmth in the sun ...
    M x

  5. Awe, I got to know Sondre Lerche through Pandora; I really like Stupid Memory :p.


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