Saturday, February 2, 2013


This week I happened to spot a bunch of origami inspired items. It's amazing how many different things you can make with the ancient Japanese folding technique. Here are a few:

I am just in love with this necklace! It is so subtle, yet intricate and very cute as well.

Isn't this brooch amazing?! I suppose beetles are the closet thing to origami in nature, but I'm still really impressed by how this was made.

I love how elegant and delicate this skirt looks.

This crane bird is actually a little lamp.

Not something for every day, but it sure makes an amazing statement necklace.

Isn't this elephant brooch adorable? It reminds me very much of the circus.

I bet this lamp would look wonderful in my new home!

Not only is this necklace beautiful, the money made from it will also go to a good cause!

Believe it or not, but these origami heels are actually wearable.

I really love this dress, especially the back looks very unique.

Can't have a collection without an owl now, can we? I thought this print would fit right in.

Another clever and intricate idea for a necklace!

 And last, but not least, a beautiful little keepsake box.


  1. Aww, such a nice surprise to see my rainbow crane necklace amongst all the other pretties! Thank you so much - and what a lovely collection! Vixie x

  2. So pretty! I really like the crane lamp and the first dress.

  3. Love the lamp! Have you seen the origami documentary on Netflix? It's called Between the Folds. Pretty interesting!

  4. Great pieces - there's also a rather expensive origami boat bag on ASOS by Moschino Cheap & Chic. I had to feature it on my weekly wish list! :) x


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