Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Owl Things Considered

I'm so impressed by how Ann from Chudibeads got these owls in this bracelet! And it turned out so cute too.

If you're not as intimidated by this technique as I am you can even make one yourself, because the pattern is for sale as well. Thankfully the actual bracelet is too.

And there are loads of other pieces as well, usually more abstract, like these stunning necklaces.

Visit Chudibeads on Etsy to see more.


  1. Moments like that always make me so envious of the incredible talents people have, they also make me itching to try - often with little success.

    That owl is very cute, hmmmm I may have to get one.

    Happy Hump Day. x

  2. That owl bracelet is really amazing! Great finds, Laura!

  3. These are so beautiful. I'd love to try making one, but it looks like it would require more patience than I could ever manage to conjure up!

    I'll need all my patience to re-string a necklace of my little boy's that got broken at his childminder's house (actually it was one of mine I gave him - I managed to find a surfy, fairly masculine-looking one when he asked me for some jewellery - well, he asked for earrings like mine to be precise, but was v. happy with a necklace!)

  4. That's brilliant how the owl pattern is weaved into the bracelet - I love the colours too! xxx

  5. Beautiful bracelets! The owls are super cute.



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