Monday, November 8, 2010

Marvelous Music

If you like CocoRosie and artist that are making music with a similar cool weirdness it is impossible not to come across Joanna Newsom.

Her voice is pretty odd and I really had to get used to it. The first time I tried it I didn't particularly like it , but when a friend of mine mentioned her songs, I tried again and am now loving it!

When I was little I always wanted to play the harp. Then one day my grandma bought me a guitar, so I took lessons only to find out years later that that guitar was rusty and useless.
Don't get me wrong I love guitars and I love playing them, but there's still that fascination with harps. Oh well, never too late, right?

Speaking of guitars and Joanna Newsom, you can actually play her songs on guitar, I tried it today. If anyone's interested, you should take a look here.

On a final note: look at her shirt, it has owls on it!


  1. As soon as the song started, I was creeped out. I knew the song, I just couldn't place it... It was a weird thing, and it made me a little nervous... So I kept googling, and found out that it was used in the film "The Strangers" which was probably one of the scariest films I've ever seen. I love her voice though.

  2. oh wow, thanks for sharing. im itching for new music.


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