Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1 Year Anniversary: International Giveaway


Exactly one year ago I wrote my very first blog post. I admit that I posted, and soon after that deleted, one or two blog posts before that, but after that it felt really natural and I always knew what I wanted to write about next. Somehow I never really pondered over the question:"What do I want this blog to be about?".

A lot has happened though: the layout's been changed completely, some topics have changed, disappeared or been added and I'm sure a lot more will change this year.

To kickstart this next year and to thank you all for reading and commenting and some of you for having wonderful blogs yourself, I arranged this giveaway.

The lovely Lily from my favorite Etsy shop Chouettes has been kind enough to offer a few owl goodies to give to one of you.

You get to pick one of these seven items below. Go on take a look!

7. Cute Cameo Hairpin

And the winner will also receive this amazing owl necklace.

So that's 1 adorable necklace and 1 matching item of your choice!

This is an international giveaway
so everyone can join:)

All you need to do is comment with the number of the item you'd love to win along with the necklace.

But there are lots of extra entries to be earned:

+ 2 if you're a follower
+ 2 if you heart Lily's shop Chouettes
+ 1 (each) if you tweet about this, friend me on facebook and/or like me on facebook
+ 3 if you blog about this giveaway
+ 3 (each) if you grab one or more of my banners, I made a whole bunch of new ones. Check 'em out here or click the link in the right sidebar.

To make this easier on you and me please leave all entries in ONE comment in which you state how many extra entries you've earned and how.

And don't forget to leave a way for me to find you if you're the winner;)

Winner will be announced on Saterday the 13th of November.

Good luck and thanks for joining!


  1. Congratulations on your first year! What a fabulous giveaway!

    I've love to win number 2..the daisy owl earrings.

    I also follow your blog

    And I'm just about to friend and like you on facebook! x

  2. . . so i have to say : congraaaaaats !!!!!!!!!!
    i hope we see for more years a lot of your post`s . .
    hugs and greets

  3. I'm a new fan to your's very sweet!
    Put me down for #7 the hair pin and the amazing necklace if I get lucky.

  4. I'm having a blonde day... does this mean I can enter? I didn't know if international giveaway means it's open to everyone, or JUST the international readers. ;) So pardon my stupidity if I'm entering the wrong giveaway.. hehe.

    Anyhoo, I love the necklace!!! As you know, I'm a friend of all things owl. :)) I love the yellow ring (1).
    I'm already following you, I hearted chouette's etsy, and I have your banner on my blog. :D

  5. i love #4! so cute!

    + 2 for being a follower
    + 3 for blogging about the giveaway here:

  6. wow, i love the cameo hairpin. i'm really new to blogging and i want to do i make sure you know i've entered? not quite sure how it works! i'm adding you on facebook right now!

    lovely blog by the way!

    dottie xx

  7. ok, sorry :) I think I've figured it out.

    +2 for being a follower
    +1 for adding you as a facebook friend
    +1 for liking you on facebook
    +3 for blogging about this giveaway here:

    I don't have an Etsy but a lot of my friends on facebook do, so I shared a link to Chouettes on facebook! hope that counts for something too hehe, i'd really like the necklace and cameo :D

    have a good day!


  8. I'd like to win: 1. Lovely Yellow Ring.
    I'm a follower via google "fisiwoman"
    Liked you on FB (Ana Belén R M) and I'm a friend of you on FB too.

    Ana Belén R.M

  9. what a lovely shop!!
    I'm a follower and and I just requested to be your friend on fb :D

  10. i feel like your blog and i were made to be best friends!
    perchance i am selected, i would love the ring in numba 1. and that awesome owl necklace....their so cool!

    here's the tally:

    + 2 if you're a follower (i follow on google reader)
    + 2 if you heart Lily's shop Chouettes (craftyfarts)
    + 1 like me on facebook
    + 3 if you blog about this giveaway (
    + 3 (each) if you grab one or more of my banners (i used one in the blog post...not sure if that counts though)

  11. I love #1- the ring!! so cute!!
    (Also get +2 for liking her shop on etsy!)


  12. i love #1
    anddd i'm a follower :)

  13. Thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot. I would like the ring #1 if I win.
    My entries are-
    Hearted Lily's Shop
    Your banner on my Blogs I ♥ page

  14. Congratulations on one year! :) I'd love to win no. 4 - Creme Rhinestone Earrings

    I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 +2
    I hearted Chouettes on Etsy (Jasmine1485) +2
    I added you on Facebook (Kate Ryan) +1
    I liked your fan page on Facebook (Kate Ryan) +1
    I tweeted about it: +1

    Kate1485 at


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