Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Owl Things Considered

Most of my purchases on Etsy have been jewelry and I've always been very happy when I received the item I bought. But Lily's shop Chouettes has to be my absolute favorite. Not only does she have the most gorgeous jewelry, it arrived in such cute boxes and even came with a gift.

Prepare to drool over the following pictures.

One of the things I ordered was this lovely pair of owls:

The boxes now have a special place on my dresser, because they're just too pretty to stash away somewhere. Some of them even have owls stamps on them. Plus they all come with a ribbon or string and a cute tag.

She sells mostly vintage and vintage inspired jewelry. Her color combinations are amazing and most of her designs come in so many lovely colors it's almost too hard to pick just one.

There are plenty of pieces for us owl lovers, but she also has a beautiful matroyshka collection and more types of rhinestones than you could possibly imagine. Lily can also do custom orders. And during checkout you can choose between five kinds of earwires even on non-custom orders.

Last but not least I'd like to show you some of her vintage florals. These would all go so great with a vintage outfit. Most are white with multicolored flowers so they could go with basically anything. But the colored ones are really pretty too.

By now you probably love Chouettes as much as I do. It is just such a great shop all round. Of course all the earrings, rings and necklaces are stunning, but her pictures and banner are amazing too and she has to be one of the sweetest sellers out there.

In case you wanted to take a peek in her shop, and you probably will, keep in mind that she's having a sale from the 3rd of March till St. Patricks day on everything green. Plus I have heard from a reliable source that there will be new items added very soon, including owls!


  1. oh man...i LOVE ALL of this!!!!! so great.

  2. aaaaahhhhhhhhh...those are adorable.... :) i love the pair fo yellow owls..


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