Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nikon Time

If you asked me this morning what my plans were for today, I would've said it'd be just an ordinary day, nothing special. However that all changed after cutting a melon the wrong way.

I thought it looked way more interesting than it usually does, I didn't expect it to have such a flowery or cloverlike shape. So I took a picture.

After that I finished making my unusual breakfast and took some more pictures including of the kitchen.

That's when I decided to head into the center of the city to take pictures. One of the first things I did, however, was buy a really big pear chocolate muffin at this store.

This wasn't supposed to be a shopping trip, but while taking a picture of a beautiful facade, I noticed a final sale sign in Daryl van Wouw's shop. He is a designer and very well known in the Netherlands, he's also one of the judges on Project Catwalk here.

Anyway he had this collection a while back with really pretty japanese fabrics and prints. I saw a few items hanging there that I recognised from that collection. Turned out the legging was suddenly affordable! About 30% of the actual price.

Needless to say I bought it, and another plain pair that's really bright teal because a pair of good quality tight-like leggings seemes like a great idea.

Below is a picture of the japanese print, it has Maneki Neko's all over it.

After I paid for the two items the girl behind the counter, who actually had to step in front of the counter in order to complete the transaction (I know they have a really weird system), said I could pick a few magnets from under the counter. So here they are.

I came across another store I knew. I didn't go inside today, but did notice these cute deer in the window.

Ok, now onto the actual pictures of the city. This is something I wanted to show you for a while, but only had my camera with me today. Aren't these owls gorgeous?!

When I saw this wall I knew it'd make a pretty picture. I love the color.

This last picture doesn't really have a clear subject, but I liked the vibe, so that's why I put it here too.

Well that was it, the longest post so far. Or at least the most pictures. I had so much fun with the camera today, even though I still didn't read the manual. Amsterdam is so beautiful and has so many hidden treasures you can easily overlook, but that makes it even more fun when you do find them.

Even though I spent the day all by myself I had such a great time. This is definitely something I will do again. But then maybe a shorter post :P

I hope you had a great day too!


  1. I say do longer posts if it means more of these amazing photos.

    The leggings are really funky.

    ps - was the muffin as delicious as it looks? I seriously want one now!

  2. So neat to see who it all happened...a day's progress :)

  3. Oops, I mean "how." I guess your owls got to me!

  4. Have no fear of long post - at least not every once in a while- and especially not with such AWESOME pics! please spend some days alone like that with your cam AGAIN a girl with her cam is just magic!! Love this post and those pics are wonderful not just because of Amsterdam's inherent beauty but because of the creative eye behind the lens!!


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