Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pretty Paintings

The very first time I wrote about art was about Benjamin Lacombe, you can see it here(and you should because that painting is gorgeous!). It was only my second post and I doubt that anyone has seen it. But I love his art so much that I thought it deserved another spot on the blog.

I can't believe he is only 27, his art seems just too gorgeous for someone his age. Of course that's a great thing, it means he will be making lots of more even prettier paintings.

When I first saw the Marie Antoinette painting I had just made one myself, totally different of course, but still. I absolutely fell in love with his painting, the colors, the birds in her hair and the weird expression on the dog's face.

Hopefully this time I was able to make some people enthusiastic about Benjamin Lacombe as well.

That's all for today, but I'm happy to announce there will be another giveaway tomorrow. Something from a different store and open to US and Canadian residents only, sorry.


  1. Oh my well you were so WISE to repost about him cuz not only do I love him and am adding him to my list of inspirational artist! I love love love love the marie antoinette one my crafty line is called MAI sweet shop (which stands for Marie Antoinette inspired) but that last animal one ROCKS my world too! I hope one day someone feels like this over my work and to think he's only 27! Thank you smart lass!


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