Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping Spree

It was really nice weather so my mom and I decided to go shopping together in Chinatown. We ended up browsing a few other stores as well and came back with quite a few lovely items.

When I saw these very cute and very cheap coin purses I just had to have one. They had different shades of red and all real leather, I hope that doesn't upset anyone. At least it's very small...
It has two compartments which I love.

One of my favorite stores had the Dumpling Dynasty pencases and coin purses (above) for half price. Those items were always high on my wishlist, but too expensive to buy, so I was very lucky today.

They also had the cutest stickers including one owl, so I took those too:

Finally on to an item I actually bought in Chinatown, these chenille owls. They are so cute! I bought have a dozen of them to send with special customers' orders.

So it was a great day and I had the most delicious ice cream I've ever had, maybe except for the ones I tasted in Rome, but it was really good. I believe it was called nuts & glory and it had these chocolate cookies in it, it was to die for. If any of you ever visit Amsterdam, let's get some icecream together ok?


  1. I love the top purse - gorgeous colour and such a cute size!

  2. I love the coin purse. & those owls are too, too cute. And mmm... that ice cream sounds oh so good. Sounds like a wonderful day. xx

  3. fab items x

    For everything about fashion:

  4. Wow I love the little leather purse!

  5. Your choin purse is really really really cute!

  6. Love the purse! So cute. Coming from SITS and just saying hello! Your blog is cute and I am your newest follower! Would love for you to stop by and say hello if you get a chance. I am doing a great giveaway this week!

  7. I love posts like these! Going out shopping and coming back with wares to blog about is the best and its hows your sense of style - love all the red!


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