Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Owl Things Considered

A while ago I ordered a very cool owl shirt from Society6. And as it turns out Camille Chew, the artist who designed it, is also active as an artist on Etsy. Not with the same prints or apparel, but with amazing handmade jewelry!

A lot of the items feature owls, and most of them are patterned or marked with all sorts of symbols. A theme that shows up even more in the items from her Society6. So if that sounds interesting, definitely check that shop out too.

Many of the little owls above are already sold, but there are still a few available. As are the amazing earrings below.

There is plenty of non-owl-related jewelry in the shop too, including this awesome necklace and ones similar it.

All of these would be perfect to wear with colorful summer outfits! Anyway, you can find the rest in the shop. Enjoy!

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