Thursday, April 14, 2016


I am absolutely smitten with the jewelry from Bristorium! I love the style, design and finish of pretty much all the pieces in this shop. What caught my eye initially was the beautiful collection of framed woodland creatures.

The animal designs are made into necklaces, rings and/or brooches. The latter being adorned with different types of ribbons depending on the design. Anyway, I love them! They look like something the protagonist from a really amazing book might wear. Perhaps an heirloom straight out of a beautiful middlegrade mystery novel...

What I really love about this shop is the attention to detail. It's not all polished down to perfectly straight lines and a factory-like finish, but it has character and balance and super nifty details. Like this reversible moth necklace.

Most designs definitely have natural elements. Some more flora than fauna. Like many of the earrings... Those are often made to resemble flowers or seedpods. And they also tend to have very intricate settings for the gem stones.

If you also adore the pieces I featured and would like to see more, I suggest you pay a visit to Bristorium on Etsy.

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  1. The moth piece is so pretty. They have beautiful pieces!


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