Friday, April 8, 2016

Lovely Movies: Dark Shadows

The last 30 minutes were not my cup of tea all. It was over the top (not in a good way), yet somehow still predictable. However, I absolutely adored the biggest part of this movie, so I still decided to share it here on my blog today.

The first thing I loved about this was the mix of gothic vampires and the 70s. Which bring me to the second… the music. The juxtaposition of darkness/vampires and for instance Barry White and Curtis Mayfield was just genius!

Johnny Depp is born for parts like these, of course. And though she's amazing, I was afraid Helena Bonham Carter would play a similar type to ones she'd done before, but I was pleasantly surprised. And Eva Green is a perfect villain!


  1. I'm a huge Eva Green fan and I did enjoy the part she played in this movie! xxx

    1. Yes, she is great! She has such a unique face with an elegance that works well on both friendly and evil characters.


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