Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In the Mail: Secreta Shop

I've been admiring this artist for a while and recently fell in love with a particular piece. Lucky for me I was at the computer right after it got listed on Etsy. A little while later it showed up at my door, in the most magical packaging!

Now I've seen Etsy sellers with very cute packaging, but I've never felt like I'd become part of a magical society before. One usually only dreams of wax seals and parchment notes. But it's a fantasy that comes to life with Secreta Shop!

Here is a glimpse of what Secreta Shop has to offer at the moment. There is art for your walls, hangings to put wherever you like, and tiny art work you can order either as a pendant or a brooch. Check out the shop for more!


  1. So cute and amazing how they are done as well =]


  2. Thank you so much, Laura!! I love this amazing post about my shop. Gracias de todo coraz√≥n!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. You choosed the most beautiful owl of Secreta :) Magical and dreamy! Just beautiful in all the ways

  5. I love her work and now I'm so envious ;) the presentation is so beautifully done, almost too lovely to open! xx


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