Wednesday, January 27, 2016

For Your Next Project: The Unusual Pear

My absolute favorite thing in the world is crafting (I'd even pick it over chocolate!), so I thought, why not blog about some amazing shops that sell beautiful supplies that can either up your crafting game or help you start a new hobby.

I'd like to kick this new series off with a shop called The Unusual Pear. It's a magical shop full of everything you need to make woven wall hangings. So that means tons of looms! And in lots of different shapes and sizes too. Also, I love that they are all flat, which means they take up extremely little space when stored. Clever, very clever indeed!

If you want to make a wall hanging absolutely from scratch, you can add an extra step and spin your own yarn with their roving and spindles. If not, you can buy your hand dyed/hand spun yarn at The Unusual Pear as well.

As I think I have two basic square looms somewhere in my mom's attic, I'm personally especially intrigued by the round looms and the adorable tiny ones! Also, I just wanted to add that all the looms and spindles are made of certified bamboo, so you can craft to your hearts desire without killing trees, yay! This shop looks fantastic!


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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