Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I definitely stuck with my plan of wearing all my best summer clothes while I still could. In fact, I rocked super fancy dresses on quite ordinary days. This flamingo one being one of my absolute favorites. It's so colorful and elegant!

Dress: Hell Bunny Vixen - Shoes: Merrel - Hair bow: random boutique - Sunglasses: SunglassesShop

This whole get up made me feel like I was away on a holiday. I was in such a good mood that entire day and definitely took full advantage of the last bit of summer. Also, I was very glad I had comfortable shoes to match the outfit!


  1. Oh my that is the cutest dress ever! I love when clothes make you feel better and make you HAPPY! :)


    1. Yes! I've actually vowed to make more of an effort these days. It's so easy to just throw on the same comfortable things over and over again, but it really changes your day when you wear something nice:)

  2. YES that dress is such a vacation-y dress!! absolutely love the bow in your hair as well :3

    1. Thank you! And I waited ages for those bows to go on sale… was so happy when they did:D


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