Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anjolee: Future Vintage Treasures

If you're in the market for a pretty necklace, some diamond studs or an anniversary band, I suggest you seriously consider Anjolee. They use high quality, conflict-free diamonds and are even eco-friendly! 

I love that Anjolee's designs are so timeless! They are perfect for a modern wardrobe, but -more importantly, I think!- also seamlessly fit into a vintage wardrobe. Just look at these pairs I formed and how they seem made for each other!

Everything is customizable, which means you can choose the carat, quality and even pick between white or yellow gold, or even platinum. So whether you're looking for a true heirloom or a more affordable option, you'll always be able to order your favorite piece from Anjolee.

Visit their website to browse around, get more information and to get a 360 degree look of every item they have!

---This is a sponsored post.---


  1. Absolutely beautiful, love these pieces xx

  2. That white halter dress is stunning! I wish it was easier to find pieces like that nowadays!

  3. So lovely, I adore how they present the jewellery too.


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