Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have the feeling hot air balloons might become the next big thing. They seem to be showing up more and more. Here's a collection of some that really stood out to me.

You can make your own garland with this kit. I think it's for a baby shower/room because you can pick between pink and blue. But I think they're just lovely in general.

Modcloth currently has three amazing hot air balloon dresses to choose from. I'd be happy with either one. Aren't they stunning?

This vintage poster makes me imagine all sorts of stories. It's very pretty too!

Love the colors in this mobile. Is it just me or does everything really seems to float in the air?

Another less conventional print that proves hot air balloons can be kinda kick-ass after all.

These chalkboard wall decals would be an amazing "guest book" in the bathroom, I think.

No collection is complete without a stamp, right? And this monogrammed stamp is perfect!

This amazing cake was made for a baby shower. But I would not mind at all, if it were a permanent feature in my home!

And I just love the vintage feel of these printable boxes!


  1. I've always loved hot air balloons... I love the mobile!! Maybe I'll have to make myself :)


  2. All of these are so cute! I have a wooden hot air balloon that I have hanging from the wall in my living room. And I think I might actually buy that garland bc I am helping with a baby shower in June. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG, that middle dress, the mobile and the cake. <3333 Great finds!!!

  4. Amazing!!!! I adore the dresses, mobile, and cake!

  5. Wonderful...I will take the dresses :)) And the cake wouldn't go amiss either ;) xx

  6. Thanks for featuring my garland kit! I love this trend. Hot air balloons are so adorable and fun.

  7. hot air balloons are one of my FAVOURITE things. I love that garland.

  8. Looks like you are rights with hot air balloons being the next big trend! But they are so pretty, so that's a good thing :) I've always loved the looks of the vintage balloons and I'm a sucker for a novelty print dress!

  9. I love the garland! I will pass on this link to my mother in law who enjoys DIY decoration.

  10. That cake is so beautiful... it looks almost too pretty to eat!! I love the sweatshirt too :) xxx

  11. I love it all! Especially the cake!

  12. Hot Air Balloons are awesome. I have been wanting to go to a festival, I remember one as a kid being so fascinating. Unfortunately we don't have one here!
    Have you seen the Schylling metal mobile? I've been wanting it for years:


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