Friday, March 22, 2013

Lovely Movies: Arrietty the Borrower

When I was a kid I would always wish I'd come across a tiny human, this little friend that I could keep in my pocket. Of course, this never happened. But the Studio Ghibli movie Arriety the Borrower helped grant my wish just a tiny bit.

Arriety and her mom and dad live a hidden life beneath the floorboards of a Japanese house. They "borrow" items from regular humans and have built their own tiny home with them. Arrietty's room alone is worth watching this movie by the way, it's so pretty!

Of course, Arriety gets spotted by a boy living in the house. This puts their whole family in jeopardy. And so the adventure begins!

Once again the trailer spoils everything. So mind the 1-minute rule, ok?

Despite the fact that it's a simple story -and probably Studio Ghibli's most mainstream film- it still wasn't too predictable. And it, being a Miyazaki film, is fun for all ages. So if you get the chance, I definitely recommend you watch it.


    I loved the borrowers movie with real people, so I am sure I will love this one. Eeep.
    When I was little I wished to find a tiny friend too. I always made little fairy homes and went on hunts for circles of mushrooms to find pixies.

  2. i'm in love with miyazaki! especially with my neighbor totoro!

  3. The borrowers was my favourite book as a kid. I even made miniature stuff for the borrowers in my house :D I will have to watch this :D

  4. She is one of my new heroin, I love love love everything made by the Ghibli Studio

  5. I LOVE the Borrowers! How funny, just today I went to the library to try and find the audiobook of the Borrowers because I just fancied listening to it. I have this film too, it's a great one! So visually stunning!

  6. It's so interesting to see this post because I only heard of The Borrowers recently from an on-line friend. For some strange reason I totally missed out on this story as a kid. But this shall be remedied as I have just bought the full set of books, which I can't wait to read! So, as tempting as it was, I didn't watch the trailer because I want to read the books before seeing it.


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