Sunday, March 31, 2013

Looking Back on March

Though I had planned all sorts of lovely Spring stuff, this month turned out to be freezing cold. In fact, it's the coldest Easter our country has had since 1964. Despite the cold, I got to do some nice things as well:

  • I went to the tiniest vintage market.
  • And got an amazing vintage dress in the mail as well! (Pictures later!)
  • Started spinning again.
  • Stocked up on Asian movies thanks to a great sale.
  • Rediscovered how nice it is to play (board)games.
  • And got hooked on the Sims again.
  • Finished my most intricate lace project so far. (Pictures later!)
  • Enrolled in a free 21-day meditation course.
  • And Yanxia and Olga both came in for lovely giveaways.

How was your month? I hope you had fun! And that you're having a wonderful Easter of course!


  1. My month had its ups and downs - or, I had my ups and downs through the month - but overall I'm not disappointed with how it turned out. I did a lot of trading on Etsy - got lots of lovely things, some of which will be coming in the mail soon (can't wait to see your vintage dress!), and I did a lot of work toward figuring out new products I could offer in my Etsy shop. It rained a lot, so I didn't get as much *photography* work done as I hoped for, both in terms of product photography and fashion blogging, but I'm hoping April will make up for that some.

    Congrats on finishing that lace project! Lace seems like such a hard, detailed, involved thing to do. Looking forward to seeing your work.

  2. It's been the coldest Easter in years here, too! March was a good month though and I have high hopes for April! x

  3. That 21-day meditation course sounds amazing!


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