Saturday, December 8, 2012


It is cold. And when I say cold, I mean freezing cold. I wake up to a snowy white world every day. And though I hope we'll have some warmer days in between, I do find myself secretly hoping for a white Christmas. Anyway, what theme matches this weather better than penguins?!

Sipping warm tea from this mug will surely help against the cold.
I love how the collar somehow adds extra penguin-ness to this sweater.

And here's the perfect bowl for some steaming hot oat meal.

Magnets to match the icy interior of your fridge.

Another antidote: knitting! I enjoy that enough as is, but I might even do so more with these two cheering me on.

I can hardly believe how perfect these cookies are. They're beautifully made! Especially the snowflakes are impeccable.

You can choose from all sorts of delicious wintery scents for the soap inside this adorable felt penguin.

I love how these stacking rings have different shades that are all incorporated in the penguin.

Though it doesn't look that Christmassy, I think this would actually be a great choice for a Christmas dinner/party. It may lack the traditional colors, but the pattern is right on.

And lastly, this lifelike pair. I just watched March of the Penguins again and I just love how the babies are sheltered by their parents like that. I think penguins might just be the most caring creatures of all.


  1. So loving that mug!

  2. I am completely in love with that mug! I'm not the biggest penguin person, however, you may have turned me with your cute post. Bravo!

  3. That jumper is already on my wish list. I love sugar hill boutique and penguins even more. :) x

  4. Love penguins! These are some pretty rad finds! ;P Oh, and by the way, you do have captcha, haha.


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