Sunday, December 2, 2012


Whenever it's cold I tend to be extra thankful to have an amazing cat in my life. She makes winter a lot easier! However, today I'm showing you some icy cold cats.

Isn't this a great shirt? It's pretty, it's quirky and it would match all my summer skirts!

And I'm head over heels with this brooch too!

This little kitty might not be practical whatsoever, but it sure is adorable.

Not with my budget, and probably not doable with yours either, but a girl can dream, right? Love this pendant.

 And if you want to add some ice cold kitties to your clothing, you can too. Just sew this patch on.

I love both the illustration and the puns. Would look great in my new kitchen by the way. 

And on a final note...


  1. N'aww, gotta love anything kitty cat related xx

  2. Really love this kind of products....especially the last one!

  3. Hahhahahahahha the costume and 'You have cat to be kitten me' are fantastic!

  4. kayy, i have never heard of kitty ice cream before, but i am DEFINITELY a fan. that shirt <3

  5. Hahaha love this post. I have a shirt that says "Lol I'm just kitten"
    which made me think about the post. Love puns, love cats, love this post!!

    Summer x

  6. Those are precious...I do not like cats, but even I can't resist these :)) Happy Monday xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  7. I didn't know ice cream cats were a thing! Amazing discovery. I especially love that cute brooch, and also the patch. I love patches - it reminds me of a being a little kid in the 1980s.

  8. What a hilarious post! How long did it take you to find all of these ice cream cats?! lol, i love it. my favorite is definitely the little figurine. too cute. really fun post :) how is everything going with you dear? hope all is well! getting ready for the holidays?

    xox, amber

  9. YOU HAVE CAT TO BE KITTEN ME!!!! gahh, I'm dying over that, hahaha like actually, its so adorable! :) I want everything!!! haha :)

  10. Oh, my goodness!!! I love these coned kitties!!!!

  11. Omg! That cat in the sundae suit is hilarious!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  12. ahh so many cute things! i saw that cat ice cream t-shirt on modcloth and almost bought it! but i got the kitty dress instead, haha. and that cat ice cream brooch is adorable too - bit of theme there!


  13. Oh my gosh, that last 'ice-cat sunday'... just hilarious! lol!

  14. All this cat-and-ice-cream themed things! So cute, but I don't usually associate the two haha.

  15. haha, who knew there were so many ice cream cats out there. Where did you find them!? Great post, this made me smile. Lizz x


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