Friday, December 21, 2012

Lovely Movies: Push

It's quite unusual to see anything about psychic/paranormal abilities in non SF-movies. Let alone in any action-packed films. I suppose it's something that could get a bit corny, but Push turned out to be amazing.

I loved that most of the actors were pretty unknown. It made it so much easier to get into the story. And all characters looked like normal people too. Sometimes dirty or sweaty, sometimes tired. Far from your regular perfect Hollywood hairdo's.

1 Minute rule! 1:10 at most.

Anyway, this movie definitely brings something new to the table. It had great twists and was very entertaining. Also, Dakota Fanning did a great job. But then again, she usually does.


  1. I totally forgot about this movie. Is this the one where Dakota Fanning wears really revealing clothes?

  2. Loooove this movie!! I got to meet Dakota at the beginning of this year. She was SO nice.

    1. How exciting?! And I always thought she'd be lovely, glad to hear she really is:)

  3. you are so right! i haven't seen this but dakota fanning was definitely born to be an actress !

  4. Thanks for the review! I completely forgot about this movie and wanted to watch it. I think I'll just watch it this weekend then. :)


  5. oh wow, i haven't seen this trailer before, looks like an entertaining action thriller movie! ps you have a great name :)


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