Saturday, March 3, 2012


I'm so excited spring is coming! I've already seen some flowers pop up and it's making me really happy. So today is all about blossoms and green popping up everywhere.

To say I adore this dress would be a serious understatement.

I'm usually not one for wedges, but these won me over.

Enameled flowers are so pretty! I'm quite surprised I don't have any.

This perfume is so cute and convenient, I bet it smells lovely too!

I'm sure that this necklace will make every person you meet excited for spring too.

And if you're in a not so serious mood...

What's even cooler than a hedgehog? This little one!

These earrings are the perfect spring colors!

It's getting warm enough to enjoy salads again! 


  1. That dress is beautiful! :) Happy weekend to you! xx

  2. The weather is so whacky where I am. The other day it was in the 60's and now there are snow flurries. I want spring so badly. That top dress is divine. And a floral hedgehog? Doesn't get much better than that :] My hedgehog abe spits on himself (self anointing) when he smells flowers and grass, haha, not the cutest thing in the world.

  3. That necklace looks like so much fun! The hedgehog print is definitely the coolest thing ever though :D
    xo Heather


    Oh my goodness, you find such neat things.

  5. Such pretties! And that dress is outstanding. Yay for spring! Jen x

  6. Wow! That dress is amazing! I'm so over winter! :p

  7. Those wedges are crazy! I wouldn't be brave enough to wear a pair personally, but would love to see someone else out and about in them :)

    Also, the fish at the bottom of your page gave me quite a bit of amusement earlier (simple minds, eh)

    Charlotte xx

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