Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Owl Things Considered

When I recently bought a pair of earrings, the woman at the store handed them to me in a cute paper bag. It wasn't until I came home that I noticed the adorable owl on the back.

Also, here are the earrings in case you were wondering. Don't they have a lovely vintage look to them?

Did you find any surprising owls lately?


  1. Awww lovely! I like your blog! I follow you!

  2. So Pretty! Seems such a shame to throw anything like that away - Hope you found a little place for it :)

    nice Blog btw

  3. beautiful earrings - they are so pretty and delicate, I love them!

    And there is something particularly special about a surprise owl :) I haven't come across any recently, but I will keep a look out, as always!!


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