Friday, March 2, 2012

Lovely Movies: Le Havre

This was a truly special film! And despite it being recent, it has a very old, kind of Hitchcock feel to it. I was quite surprised when I suddenly saw euros in the actors' hands.

It was heartwarming and showed how kind people can be, even in a sometimes cruel world. And it does such a great job at getting you to relate to all the people in this movie.

Though I wouldn't call this a funny movie, it definitely had some funny moments. And it was just so unbelievably good.

I highly recommend Le Havre! If you have can find it, either in a small cinema or somehow on dvd, I suggest you watch it. Especially if you're a lover of old or foreign cinema! This film had an atmosphere that's extremely rare these days.


  1. I'll defo look into this film, it looks quite good and if its similar to Hitchcock films then I'm in! I love Hitchcock! Thank you for yet another interesting recommendation ;)
    xo Amy

  2. Definitely going to look into this one! /moviebuff

  3. That looks so good! I really wanna see it!

  4. Oy! I'm so going to watch this tout de suite! It looks amazing!


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