Saturday, November 5, 2011


I just love stuff with birds. I'm not exactly sure what it is, I just think they are amazing, they have such nice shapes and always have a friendly feel about them. So for today I hunted down the best golden birds for you.

Everytime I see this print I get really excited, isn't it gorgeous?

This brooch is just perfect. I love the smooth and shimmery finish.

Since I did the pottery class last weekend I find I appreciate nice pottery a lot lot more. And this jar really stood out.

These amazing bags come in lots of colors, but this one might just be my favorite.

This print is adorable.

Time for another laser cut piece of plastic jewelry. The shape of this bird is so beautiful and I love how the plastic and the chain match so incredibly well.

It's not that I need any more clothes, but I might just go hunting for a vintage inspired dress like this one. And with 3/4 sleeves? Perfection!

This ring has me speechless.

Everything about this necklace is great. Such a cute and original bird!

It looks like we've found the perfect Autumn art print!

And I would not mind adding this cardigan to my Autumn wardrobe either.


  1. Completely agree with you, I love birds. Mainly owls and birds of prey. You shoudl watch Rio, its amazing if your a bird fan ;) xxx

  2. I love, love, love birds as well!!! I gotta say, I am smitten over that jar and that messenger bag!

  3. Birdies! Owls! Yes! Yes to everything, especially that ring. So precious!

  4. You always find the lovliest things!

  5. Love the print, and I actually own one of Lynda's bags! She's the sweetest and sent it as a gift.!/MandyCrandell

  6. You always manage to find the loveliest things. I adore all of these!


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