Monday, November 28, 2011

GlossyBox: November

For months and months I've been hoping we'd get a cosmetics-box subscription in this country. This month, my wish has been granted when GlossyBox got released. I immediately subscribed, and a little while back the first issue arrived!

To celebrate the first issue they made sure to be a little more generous than usual. The (gorgeous looking) box looked quite full!

I received a Herome WIC nail polish(which is one of my favorite brands) in the color "New York". It's a classic red, and oddly enough I didn't have that one in my huge collection yet. It came with a glass nail file that also had a travel case.

There was also a pair of expensive tweezers and eyebrow gel(I love eyebrow gel!) and a very nice lip gloss.

That's it for the make-up.

But the box also included some "miracle" night cream, a jar of hair mask and a tiny bit of hair oil.

I was very pleased with this box. Not bad at all for €12,50( including shipping), right?
As next month is Christmas time I think they might do something special again. Can't wait!

Do you have any subscriptions like this?


  1. Owwww! Thank you very much to have become a member of my blog! That pleases me and I'm very happy! =D

  2. Sometimes I'm convinced we were separated at birth ;P! I've been wanting to subscribe to something like this for a while, ever since I first heard of the american version, Birchbox!

    I wonder if Glossybox ships to here? Hmm...

  3. I've seen this glossy box so many times now and seriously consider ordering one for myself aswell.. I just can't decide! but yours looks pretty good, so it would definitely be worth it.

  4. I've seen Birch Box which I wish so badly I've tried already... But I haven't! I like getting surprises in the mail (who doesn't?!) and my wife and I l-o-v-e make-up, especially trying new things, so I think Birch Box or something like GlossyBox would be perfect for us!!!

  5. I always hear good things about Glossybox when I'm watching YouTube tutorials, and I'm glad I read the comments and found out that there IS a US equivalent! I really hope to try this sometime because I think it'd be so fun to find new things!

  6. Oh now I see what Glossybox is all about, I am going to see if any place in my country offer something like this, This is amazing!

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥


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