Friday, November 25, 2011

Lovely Series: True Blood

I realise I'm not real quick with jumping on the True Blood bandwagon. But since last week I've been hooked. When you can look past all the gory violence and sex, it is actually a very addicting series.

Though I'm not particularly fond of the leading characters, there are some I really like.
Lafayette of course! Because he is awesome, he just is. He's both very feminine and masculine, it's very odd, but very cool.

I also love the cute Jessica/Hoyt storyline. And I was quite relieved to see some genuinely sweet people in the series too. To balance out the rest.

I'm currently nearly through the second season. And thankfully have the 3rd season lying here too. After that, to make sure I get my True Blood fix, I bought the 10-book box. I have a feeling I won't be bored this winter.


  1. Yay! I've read and watched them all! The series starts to stray from the book quite a bit but I still like them both!

  2. Jen and I LOVE True Blood. It's the show most like our real-life life. (I guess that's saying somethin', huh?!) Our favorite characters, by far, are Eric (Jen's seriously a female Eric!) And Pam! <3333 Lafayette is third, without a doubt!

  3. I am so obsessed! I am a bigger fan of the books, I think they are way better! Lafayette is such an original character. He is so great.

  4. Oh welcome to my obsession!!!!!
    It only gets better and better. The last season was the best yet. Just wait till you meet Alcide....sigh...drool.....

    I've also started reading the books and like think I will be kept busy with them this winter.


  5. I've read all the book series except the prequel and the latest one. If you say the film is addictive, then me, as an addict for the novels, definitely has to watch it. Welcome to the club! xD


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