Thursday, June 9, 2011

What I've been up to

As I mentioned, a lot of things have clicked lately and a lot of things have happened. I've been juggling, not only all those things, but also literally. Yes, I've taken up the sport. (if that's what you can call it?)

Another thing, the one that's been taking up most of my time, is organizing and getting rid of old junk. A task that was long overdue was a proper cut in my clothing. I'd started before, threw out a bunch of stuff, but never enough to get any positive results really. But this time with Lady Croissant's tips in mind, I managed to throw out 8 bags full of clothing and another few to send to a secondhand shop. And guess what, it's got me hooked!

Now I'm a collector, if ever there was one. And being stuck at home for the past few years has definitely made that worse. I was quite the shopaholic for clothing, books and movies. But when I started throwing stuff out I realised that I don't need all those things. And getting rid of some of it has been so very liberating. Not to mention it really brings out the pretty things much better:)

In fact, this afternoon I started on books, which I never thought I'd be able to throw out. But I went for it and now I have a yard long pile that I can sell. Perhaps and even bigger love, my dvd collection, has even decreased in size a little.

There's so much to do and by making more space I suddenly see so many more possibilities. I'm even working on a cleaner and lighter look for my Etsy.

I'm also still learning to drive which I suppose is another step into adulthood. It's so weird, but over this past week I've grown so much and I think this is only the beginning.

Less life altering, but nevertheless amazing are these fish ice cream waffles! I found them yesterday in the Japanese supermarket and they're delicious! The red part of the filling is red bean paste(delicious!).


  1. Oh gosh, if you knew how much stuff we threw away and gave to charity when we moved!
    I am actually glad we had to move so far, it was the perfect excuse for a spring cleaning in our stuff :)


  2. I so need to do the same. I've just bought more clothes as well so I need to be really ruthless with my wardrobe. I'm not sure I can bare to tackle my DVD collection or books :( x

  3. I love red bean! That looks like something I have to try. But why fish?? Ha


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