Friday, June 24, 2011

Lovely Movies: Bridesmaids

Now I never expected this movie to be so good! Had I not won tickets I probably would never have seen it.

I was in shock the first minute, since it started with a very awkward and in your face sex scene. But that was followed by hilarious moment after hilarious moment. The trailer does not do it justice at all, but here we go:

Kristen Wiig was great, she's so good with facial expressions, you just know exactly how she(well, the character I guess) is feeling. Melissa McCarthy was amazing, the way she spoke in this movie,was so extremely different from her usual voice, it was unbelievable! Chris O'Dowd was just adorable. And then of course there's Maya Rudolph from Away We Go.

So in a nutshell: don't let the trailer fool you, be prepared for a great cast, and you might want a precautionary bathroom visit, because you will probably laugh. A lot!

P.S. If anyone know where the sweatshirt below(on the left) comes from, please let me know! I saw them in the movie in multiple colors and thought they were amazing and looked so comfortable.


  1. I've heard it is hilarious- but I'll have to wait for it to come out at the RedBox.

  2. I'm not much a chick flick kinda gal but I was kinda intrigued when I saw the trailer for this. I've heard quite a few good things about it and you've just convinced me to see it at some point!

  3. I absolutely loved the film!! I'm so glad you said you liked it otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone. I will be purchasing the DVD when it comes out :)


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