Saturday, June 18, 2011


Came across some amazing stuff again this week! Today was a bit disappointing, like when they denied access near closing time at the Japanese shop, just when I was craving their ice cream! But putting these together for you has made me all excited again!

These lace earrings are fabulous, don't just match anything and everything, but are perfect for summer too.

Leanne Marshall (from Project Catwalk years back) not only makes stunning dresses, but is now selling fashion illustrations too.

I love moustaches! They are fun on every item. And these erasers are so cool too.

For the real chocoholics: chocolate inhalers, also come in coffee flavour.

These incredible huge candy sculptures look so real!

Origami doesn't really get old. I love how people always find new ways to incorporate the old craft. This jewelry is the perfect example.

Now that I use my camera bag a lot and am also loving backpacks again as well, I would love a waist/hip purse so I carry my basics in a more accessible place. These caught my eye.

If you're into creepy stuff as much as I am, you'll love these lockets.


  1. I just adore those earrings, so colorful and fun :)
    Happy weekend!

  2. Lovely selection! :)
    I really like the lace earrings and origami birds and the candy sculptures are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing, these are all great finds!

  3. love those earrings beautiful- and that huge candy- I would seriously put that in my house.

  4. Hi! Just came across this blog entry. I love that you love my origami crane earrings!

    Jacquie x


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