Monday, November 23, 2009

Marvelous Music

I saw Anais Mitchell was opening for an artist I bought tickets for. So I listened to her music and was hooked instantly. Since then I have seen her once more, in a tiny little cafe. When she walked through the tiny little café to the tiny little stage I asked her if she could play my favorite song: Old Fashioned Hat, and she did.

She has released two CD's and an EP so far and she will release two new CD's this year. One regular album and one CD with the songs from her folk-opera, Hadestown, which is based on the Hades and Euredice myth and will feature artists such as Ani DiFranco.
There will be a song on it I've seen her perform and therefore can tell you it is great for sure; it's called Persephone's Song.

So if you're as enthousiastic about her music as I am, you don't have to wait long to hear some more.

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