Monday, January 25, 2016

Owl Things Considered

Well, here's a unique owl find I never thought I'd see. Although I've come across open display cases, I didn't expect to find a proper owl cabinet! Probably not super practical, but it looks like it would still be able to hold quite a bit. 

Now, it's obvious to people that visit my apartment that I am extremely fond of owls, but I haven't quite gone this far. Not that I think this would have been too far, per se… But a girl's got to draw the line somewhere, I suppose.


  1. Omg that is adorable =]

  2. That is so sweet! hoot hoot! :D

  3. This is adorable! I love the design, and yes you could definitely fit quite a few different things in there :) xxx

  4. This is so cool, my mum would love this, she has an addiction to owls!

    Meme x

  5. I drooling on this lovely for some time now, i don't even have space for him, and international shipping for him is HUGE, but at least i can dream about it :)


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