Friday, August 14, 2015

Lovely Movies: the Boxtrolls

So I knew about the Boxtrolls movie way before it came out. In fact, the wait was so long(about 2 years), that by the time it finally hit the theaters I was still so stuck in waiting mode that I let it pass me by… But I finally saw it on dvd!

In this day and age, people can achieve the most amazing things with animation technology. However, there are still some crafty folks sticking to good old stop-motion. And honestly that pays off, it's still so much more magical!

And they could have just glued together snippets, but they even made a special trailer for it!

If I can make one complaint about the dvd… I wish it had extras! I would have loved to see some behind the scenes action for this, because that always intrigues me and makes me want to work on such a film myself! Thankfully I did find a very cool article about it on WIRED and there's also a talk at Google that I have yet to check out.


  1. That article was super interesting, I love the behind the scene stuff as well - a week's work for one animation equals 3.7 seconds! So much love for the stop motion. In highschool and uni I dabbled with stop motion but never had the patience to commit enough time for worthy outcomes. Boxtrolls was a great movie too!

    1. Yes, it takes such patience! I also only ever dabbled in art school, but really enjoyed it. At some point I might even give it another go at home. I bet I'd love it. I've made a few short gifs from pictures for this blog and always got a ridiculous mount of satisfaction from that…
      Anyway, as daunting as those big production movies are, it still seems like such a rewarding thing to be a part of! And I'm so glad people are still making them. Such a pleasure to watch:)

  2. Have to check this out, thanks for sharing the trailer!
    By the way, I think I saw a Lovely Owl Bag at heysailor's shop....;)

    1. Hope you enjoy it!

      And thanks for the tip:) I checked it out and it is adorable indeed!

  3. Oh my, this trailer is insanely cute! I put this film on my to-see list, thanks for the tip Laura!


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