Monday, August 3, 2015

Plans & Goals: August

Last month was a strange mixture of heatwaves and cold thunderstorms. It might be summer, but I'm expecting to still have some indoor time this month too. So here are some plans for in and outside of the house… I'd like to:

  • Treat myself to tasty things.
  • Finish the knitted top I've been working on.
  • Start reading another children's classic.
  • Pop some film in an analogue camera and shoot pictures.
  • Finally turn my junk room into an art studio. Not quite, but I got a lot done!
  • Go see the Little Prince movie.
  • Share a delicious summer recipe.
  • Re-do my desk area.
  • And play some records.

Do you have any plans? Or are you freewheeling this month?


  1. Im taking every day as it comes =]

  2. I think these are brilliant goals! x

  3. Children's classics are the best to read! I need to read A little Princess because I acquired it into my book collection not too long ago! Great goals for August!

  4. I'm loving the chocolate hippo! ;)


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