Monday, May 25, 2015

(mtb) Enjoy What You Have and Stop Saving Perishables

When you acquire a luxurious or exotic item, what do you? Enjoy it right away and finish it up soon? Or do you save it for special occasions, use up tiny bits at a time, and finally throw it out because it has expired or dried up completely?

I've gotten better at it over the years, but -as I found while organizing- the latter still happened quite recently to limited editions/seasonal items I bought and savored too slowly or saved for too long because I kept waiting for the perfect moment. I've learnt my lesson and now use every awesome thing I own that might otherwise await a similar fate.

For instance, I had saved an amazing chocolate-scented all-natural body lotion, but I'm now using it a few times a week and am absolutely loving it! If I run out of it before a special occasion, I'm sure I'll survive. At the very least the pain of not having it then will be a lot smaller than the guilt and sadness I'd have when I'd have to throw it out.

Besides, special occasions are often exactly the times you forget to use those sorts of things anyway. In my experience I get too caught up in special occasions to even bother remembering to bring out the special treats I had been saving.

I just had a conversation about this with a friend. She uttered the very wise words "you are never going to regret enjoying something." So true. So true! So do yourself a favor. Use things now. Make every day a special occasion.

Are you naturally good at this sort of thing? Or is it a mistake you've made a lot too? If so, was it eye-opening at least? And if you have managed to shake this misguided habit, do you find it freeing as well?


In "making things better" I share what is helping me better my life while hopefully inspiring others in the process. It might include things that either don't apply to you, or that you disagree with. That is fine too. Read it, think about it, and decide for yourself whether it can also make things better for you.

P.S. To keep the conversation open and easily accessible to everyone, I'll reply to your comments in the comments. 


  1. This is really eye opening! I did this one time on something minor haha! I had a chocolate muffin that I was wanting to save for myself later on so I hid it so that no one in my house would be able to find it and eat it, but I hid it so well that I completely forgot about it and when I did it was all gross and moldy! eww haha! Great topic!

    1. Haha, aw! That is a great example too!
      So far so good with muffins on my part though…for me it's usually the things that keep longer that are easier to forget about.


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