Thursday, May 28, 2015

Inside my Sketchbook

A while ago I posted my first Zentangle endeavor, it has since become a wonderful hobby that I practice almost daily. It's something I often do in the evenings, when I'm sitting in a waiting room or if I just have a spare moment.

Even though I still find it relaxing, I do have to admit that my earlier statement of it not having "any pressure whatsoever" is not totally valid anymore. I did cut myself loose from the book and am drawing more freely, but as a perfectionist I do find myself wanting to get better and better at it. I'm currently working on improving the 3D effect.

I'm not playing by the exact rules. I often make up my own patterns and elements, and I try out different shapes and sizes. I've also treated myself to a very nice pen set that has given me more options than just the 0.4 I started out with.

These pictures are all from my first sketchbook. I'm actually now on my third, so I might post a peek into that second book soon. Anyway, I thought it was a nice touch to tangle on the book cover as well, and I do love the result!

I also occasionally venture out of my books and try bigger scale tangles. The one below is quite large. It also has some shading that I think really makes it pop. Since, I've actually experimented with a bunch more shading techniques.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my sketchbook. There will probably be more posts like this in the future as I have no plans of quitting this hobby anytime soon. In fact, I'm sure I'll make one or two more this very evening.


  1. Ooh these are so pretty! I only recently got into zentangles and doodling so this has inspired me to keep going. I know the exact feeling about free-wheeling it too, it's tempting to stay close to designs I can try for myself and perfect it, completely get that! These are lovely though. - Tasha

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  3. These are mesmerizing. I love the idea of Zentangle. It's something I gotta try!

  4. These are amazing, im not creative enough to do these though =]

  5. i loved this peak inside your sketchbook!

  6. These are really beautiful! and also motivating! I haven't done anything artistic - drawing-wise in about a year! So this is motivating me to get back to it! :)


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