Wednesday, May 27, 2015

King's Day Loot

This year I've grown a lot stricter about the number of items that enter my house, but I make exceptions on certain occasions. An obvious one was King's Day. The one day a year people sell their stuff for very, very low prices...

Now I did only get things I really really wanted. And I even got a few things for free. Anyway, I think I paid 5 bucks for this whole pile of books, not bad right? One of those books was already in an online cart for more than that.

And I can not tell you how many times I nearly bought a copy of The Great Gatsby… There were so many stunning covers that I couldn't choose! This one, however, is probably the prettiest one I've seen so far. And it even contained a hidden treasure. The book itself isn't old at all, but inside I did find a vintage snapshot of someone's vacation...

Another great score was this record! It's in quite a good condition and only cost 50 cents. And even though it has me incredibly excited, I still haven't managed to take it for a spin yet. But I plan on doing so sometime this week!

One of the shows I really miss since quitting my cable is Castle. So when I found five seasons for the price of one new one, I didn't have to think for long. I've been binge-watching the episodes ever since. It is such a great show!

My goal for the day was to get some good deals on things that would entertain me for quite a while after. Especially tv-shows because those are a whole lot pricier new. Anyway, I consider this mission greatly accomplished!

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  1. Wow! I wish we had something like King's Day here in the States! That's amazing!


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