Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Plans & Goals: September

I am not done with summer yet. In fact, if I could refuse to give it up I probably would. So I'm really hoping for some wonderful sunny days this month. We definitely got quite lucky today! Anyway, this month I'd like to:

  • Get back to making some fancier sandwiches.
  • Wear a skirt or summer dress while I still have the chance.
  • Visit my favorite ice cream place for the first time this year.
  • Write a couple more elaborate book posts.
  • Finally make a listing for a bookmark subscription on Etsy.
  • Do an outfit post again.
  • Finish two knitting projects.
  • Go out with an analogue camera and have pictures developed.
  • And finally do a giveaway again!

So, what do you have planned? Any last-minute summer plans?


  1. Ooh that looks like one fancy sandwich! I should start doing this too, I only ever have peanut butter on hand though haha.

  2. That sandwich looks sooo good...green & white are a true delight! You should start posting recipes!

  3. Making fancier sandwiches is a great goal! I am now going to make myself a yummy sandwich for lunch as you've made me hungry!


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