Sunday, August 31, 2014

Looking Back on August

Even though I had to spend a lot of time taking it easy and resting, I thankfully also got to do a couple of really fun things. Despite -or perhaps because of- those changes in pace, this definitely felt like the fastest month of the year so far.

  • I hung out and relaxed with the cat a lot.
  • Spent more time at the pharmacy than ever.
  • Read a great book and went to a Q&A with the author. More on that soon!
  • Cried my eyes out at the TFIOS movie.
  • Had a good spot viewing the Gay Pride Canal Parade. Even saw Conchita Wurst from a couple yards!
  • Visited a huge library with a lovely friendWe went home with a big pile of books each!
  • Bought and received some amazing new yarn.
  • Turned a blogger-friend into a real-life-friend during an awesome day with Jerlene.
  • And even got lucky and won myself a gorgeous bag!

Was your month eventful? Did it pass by quite quickly too?


  1. awww your cat is such a cutie :) Happy September - hope this month is awesome for you!

  2. oh yay i made it onto your list! hahahaha :D


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