Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wassupbrothers Update

Current main sponsor Olga is a very busy bee. She's always keeping her shop full of old favorites, while creating lots of new creatures at the same time. A lot of new items have hit her Etsy shop recently, so high time for an update!

 I love following the Facebook page to see what's in the making. Apart from the plush creatures we know and love, Olga enjoys trying out some new mediums and techniques. She recently added a wooden bird that she painted.
But she also created some stunning textile sculptures. They seem so alive and attentive! Great for when you want to invest in some lovely art! But if your wallet isn't as thick at the moment, you can get these lovely babies instead!

 I fell madly in love with them… They are so tiny and so fluffy! But if you don't have room for any creatures, not even tiny ones, there are also some paper pieces to grace your walls. Most illustrations are even hand embroidered.

As you can see, there's always something -or someone!- new at Wassupbrothers. So be sure to follow Olga's blog, the Wassupbrothers Facebook page and her Etsy shop to see what comes in next. Every update is a lovely surprise!

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  1. These guys are so cute! I'm definitely loving those baby owls. They really do look so fluffy!


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