Monday, July 1, 2013

Plans & Goals: July

As tempting as it is to get really excited about July, I'm trying to stay realistic. Both summer and my apartment have proven not to deliver when I expect it, so I'm a bit on guard. Either way, this month I'd like to:

  • Buy my cat one of those fun cat towers.
  • Have my kitchen and bathroom working.
  • Feel like I'm on vacation despite the fact that I'm staying right here.
  • Do some sort of book blogpost again.
  • Learn new skills or licks on my guitar.
  • Visit a farmer's market-type-thing.
  • Do another new and exciting review.
  • Visit the art school exhibit I try to attend each year.
  • And make my new house look like a home.

What are your plans? Are you taking a trip somewhere or staying home, like me?


  1. A great list especially for summer time. :)

  2. Your cat is beautiful and he looks so much like mine! Sounds like you have some lovely plans.


  3. ohhh goodluck on your Goals :)
    -Deana, form Birds&Oxfords

  4. Great list ;); best luck meeting your goals!

  5. My plans are to make the best of the weather and catch up with friends. I also want to read more books!

    Good luck with your goals x

  6. Super goals, I hope you reach them. I need to start doing this :) x

  7. Oh dear I hope you get things sorted with your new place soon I know your pain.
    Our place has flooded for the second time this year and were supposed to be moving out by the end of the week and it's been a nightmare waaaaah.

    Hope your goals go well, I went to Poland recently with my Dad. :)


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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