Friday, July 5, 2013

Lovely Movies: Wadjda

This is a wonderful film about a sweet and determined little girl. Wadjda has one simple wish:to ride a bike, just like the boys do. But in Saudi Arabia, that is not so easily arranged...

Despite the fact that it shows some things of the Saudi Arabian culture that will probably come across as very rigid or perhaps crazy even, this film manages to stay positive and have you leaving the cinema with a smile on your face.

Don't watch till after 1:30!

It shows that, although the world may be filled with cultures that have lots of differences, most of us just want the same things. To be free and loved.

Wadjda is actually the first movie ever shot in Saudi Arabia. And from the first female director of the country as well.

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  1. This movie looks very interesting, to say the least.

    And btw, I just saw Mulberry's new campaign and it reminded me of this blog ;).

    Have a fun weekend, Laura!


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