Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lovely Movies: Charlie Bartlett

I don't think I had seen a Kat Dennings movie prior to seeing her on 2 Broke Girls, but I was an instant fan when I saw her in that show. She's just so cool and funny and unique and I really love her voice!

So after seeing her on cover of the Charlie Bartlett dvd and then watching the trailer, I went back to get the movie.

And it was even better than I hoped. I have to admit it didn't start out great (I wasn't into the violent part with the toilet and everything), but after about 15 minutes it turned around completely.

Remember watch 1 minute, maybe 1:30!

I loved the actor that played the main character, he was very quirky and smart and clearly didn't hold back, but wasn't over the top either. Also, I loved the music he made in this movie (and the overall soundtrack).

And though I won't spoil the ending, I will have you know that it was awesome too. So enjoy!

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