Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the Mail...

I recently won a giveaway over on Mermaid Eyes. It consisted of ad space, and amazing camera (I'll show you once it has arrived) and some lovely cards from Brittany that just came in.

When I opened the envelope I saw the cutest little post-it portrait:

Here are the actual cards, all hand drawn and hand painted:

And let's not forget about the amazing hand painted business cards she has for her website where you can also find her blog and shop.
They even have an inspirational quote on the back!

Thanks, Brittany!


  1. How cute! Getting mail is so exciting :D
    xo Heather

  2. you always get awesome mail! i get bills from energy companies.
    most jealous me! hope you had a good weekend xx

  3. What a lovely parcel to receive. Those postcards are wonderful and that little portrait is adorable!

  4. your welcome, and i'm glad you like the little potrait on the post it (: (:


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