Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plans and Goals: August

There's so much I want and need to do, but with little energy I'm finding it hard to focus. So... I thought I'd post a list today of things I have planned. This way you get a little idea of what'll (hopefully) happen on the blog this month. And it might just be the motivation I need to actually do it.

I'm planning to:
  • Set up a nice system so it's easy for me to scan and post pictures from analogue cameras.
  • Finally share some Diana pics.
  • Post about my very exciting photography news.
  • Do a giveaway! Yes, I brought some things back from France to give to a lucky reader.
  • Organize my house, because I am sure it'll help my blogging too.
  • Buy soapstone and get started making little figurines/statues.
  • Finish my current knitting project.
  • Re-do my Etsy pictures.
  • Maybe start painting again.
  • And have some fun:)
As you can see lots of plans, but hopefully I get to do most of them. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Always good to have lists; I am a list fiend & totally believe in their powers to organise, boost & motivate.

    Sounds like you have some awesome plans in the pipeline. x

  2. i love a good list- you can totally do all of these!

  3. i finally set up my scanner a few weeks ago and have been scanning my instant pictures for the august break. by the way, are you participating?

  4. Loved your post! Stumbled across it while looking for new knitting blogs, and your topic was perfect. I'm trying to find motivation to finish my most recent project, too... but setting goals is a huge help. Your last goal was my favorite :)


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