Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Kate was so kind to pass on a blog award to me. Thank you, Kate! Her blog Kate's Irrelevant definitely is one lovely blog!

I'm passing this on to 15 lovely bloggers. Join if you like, but don't feel obliged, it's supposed to be fun:)

• Link back to the person who gave you this award

• Complete the form below

• Share 7 random things about yourself

• Award 15 bloggers this award and notify them of the award


.Name your favorite colour: teal! Though I also love deep purple, silver, grey and some combo's: peach & sky blue and pink & mint
.Name your favorite song: I can name a few: Hairnet Paradise - Cocorosie; Laughing With - Regina Spektor; the Gambler - X-zibit and Antony Hamilton; Lullaby of Birdland - Ella Fitzgerald
.Name your favorite dessert: black sesame pudding, so so good!
What upsets you: the most? when things are unfair
.When you're upset you: tend not to confront the person I'm mad at but keep thinking it over and over and over...
.Your favorite pet: my cat of course, though I'd love to have a hedgehog one day
.Black or white: grey, haha? ok, black!
.Your biggest fear: that there will be no more printed books, only digital ones
.Best feature: eyes and eyebrows
.Everyday attitude: Let's try and make the most out of this.
.Guilty pleasure: prison documentaries

1. I can't stand the ticking of a clock in my bedroom, it can drive me nuts during the day too though.
2. Growing up I was never in love with a teacher nor did I want to marry my parents like many kids do.
3. I've never ever tried a bite of cat food and somehow I feel like I'm missing out, haha.
4. Lasagna is probably my least favorite food. I'd really rather not eat it.
5. I have no idea whatsoever what my first ever memory is, and I don't know how some people do know so sure.
6. I like fat cats and I can not lie.
7. People often think I'm a vegetarian, but I've never been one.

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  1. how random! i shall be doing this in the morning. Thank you for the tag xx

  2. Thanks for this lovely! So sweet of you to think of me.


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