Monday, October 4, 2010

Marvelous Music

Guess what? I saw "Legend of the Guardians" on the night it opened here. It was amazing! I'm probably gonna go again this week and I'll do a review later, because now I'd like to talk about the soundtrack.

Despite the name I initially wasn't too big a fan of Owl City, but I have to admit Adam Young's music grew on me a little. Especially now that he's done the soundtrack for Ga'Hoole. And it is such a catchy and uplifting tune!

I'm not yet sure about the rest because honestly I've only heard "Fireflies", but I think I'll go give it a listen and a fair chance.


  1. I really want to see the film. Hope it was good. I have Owl City's album but I'm not sure yet :S

  2. coooool sound, iiiiii like it ;)
    and owls too !!

  3. Sunny Sweet Pea you should really go and see it on the big screen, I loved it and just put a tiny review on my bolg :D The song is not exactly my cup of tea, but in the movie I totally liked it - it's a nice 'feel good' track and well fitting the moment. The owls are so soooo soooo sweet, I loose it for them BIG time! Don't tell anyone, but I'm gonna download the film to watch it again ;) ;)


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