Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great Reads

I came across this book when I was browsing through the Dutch equivalent of Amazon. The cover and synopsis seemed interesting, but it's the kind of story that does need to be written by a great author in order to live up to the reader's expectations.

What basically happens in "Before I Fall" is this: popular girl gets killed in car crash then has to relive that day over and over again.

I was interested, but not yet completely convinced, so I looked up a couple of reviews and a bit about the author. After seeing Lauren Oliver's picture I was positive the book would be great and it was!

The clich├ęs I feared for weren't in it and I was drawn in after a few pages, wanting to finish the story as soon as possible. I am very glad I decided to buy this book, it was amazing!

In the back of the book you'll find the first two chapters of her latest novel "Delirium" which will be released early next year. It again seems like an interesting story and it's a very original concept: it's set in a world(probably the future) in which love is seen as a disease and there actually is an obligatory cure for it.
I'm very much looking forward to reading it, but in the meantime I'll make do with her blog.

Just a Little Update

I'm very happy to announce that I've reached 50 sales on Etsy! Just had to share that piece of information with you!


  1. I've read that book :)

    congrats on all the sales!


  2. that looks like a good book to read. :) too bad, i'm lacking the time to read a book now. all i read are my textbooks, haha.

    oh, and congrats on the etsy sales! x

  3. I'm reading that book next! I just finished Delirium by her and I loved it!!!! Your bookmarks are adorable!

    My other blog is


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